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Connecting Communities

Sanden Care Options in Melbourne, Victoria is a private agency that specialises in providing professional aged care, disability and home maintenance services for individuals with decision-making, age-related and physical disabilities. We aim to provide the opportunity for older people, and those with a disability to stay at home longer: to access support in their local areas , to gain support from local service providers,neighbours and family.

Our service aims to:

CONNECT people to access eligible local services, as well as timely information and referral;

EMPOWER individuals with professional, supported decision-making to make supported choices for their future;

SUPPORT independent-living and in-home care with professional assessments and advice, case management, service coordination, advocacy and legal help when needed;

COLLABORATE to provide an INDIVIDUALISED SERVICE with case management and service coordination, access to personal care support, garden and home maintenance services, cleaning and hygiene services;

SPECIALISE in specific ‘hoarding’ cases, providing a coordinated team to assist a person with a disability to manage the risks of their accommodation, as well as provide access to therapy counselling, relocation support, cleaning and general decluttering services;

RELOCATION services with care and compassion where high medical and support needs require an accommodation change, a home downsize or permanent move to an aged care facility.

Mission Statement

Show respect and enable excellent communication: these are the keys to success.

Aim to be accessible and approachable to clients and their families.

Nurture compassion and relationships with people, for people.

Develop , plan and implement services in a person-centred, affordable and disability-focussed way.

Empower people to the best they can be.

Never forget that we are all in this together.

Free Discussions

We provide free, confidential discussions so get in touch with us by phone or email to discuss your needs or that of a family member, client or represented person. We will make home visits to assess and discuss options. Depending on geography, we may also choose to meet via video/phone link for the first interview.

Learn About Us